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The Story of the Girl...

Posted in #MADlifestyle on November 26, 2013

The Story of the Girl...

Posted in #MADlifestyle on November 26, 2013

It all began with that look ...TheGirlsColour
An image burnt into my thoughts that I needed to pursue ...
I wanted a certain sex appeal, I wanted an empowering image ...

Strong is beautiful ...
Strong is empowering ...
Strong is something to strive for, relate to and embody ...

Women would want to look like her ...
Guys would want to sleep with her ...

That's a joke ...
Well, not really.

Who is she?  Where did she come from?

The artist and creator of this MAD logo is not an official part of our team but, in my opinion, is as big of an influence to the MADabolic Inc. brand as anyone. Her name is Jennifer Fong.  Whenever I'm able to give her a shout-out and show my appreciation, I love to do so. A couple years ago I set out with an image in mind, an image I wanted to represent a new idea.  Edgy and empowering, subtle but strong, and beautiful in it's own way.  I knew I needed something impressive to bring to my business partner. It needed to be unique and engaging, embodying our brand, in order to explain this MAD idea.

After the countless word combinations I threw at google, I came across a 19 year old art student based in San Diego.  Google images steered me towards her blog entitled "Mind-Sketch" which embodied an awesome personality intertwined into every design.  The MADabolic Inc. logo is an adaptation to one of her original designs called "Fighter". I explained our concept to her, and the image I had stuck in my head.  It was almost as if she knew exactly what I was thinking as she tweaked her original to fit our brand.

Upon completion I sat down with my good friend and business partner Kirk Dewaele explaining to him this MAD idea, and how I believed it was our future.

With his loyal support MADabolic Inc. was born.

Thank you Jennifer. Thank you Kirk.


Brandon Cullen
Chief Concept Officer / Co-Founder of MADabolic