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The Nutrition Blueprint


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Fuel Your Life, Optimize Your Training:

The Nutrition Blueprint

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Corporate Team

Brandon Cullen

Co Founder / CEO


  • Program Design/Theory
  • Franchise Development and Culture

Brandon Cullen brings an edgy fitness approach to the valuable experience he’s earned as a professional athlete, personal trainer, gym owner and now Founder and CEO of MADabolic Inc. Having trained under elite NHL systems (including the New York Rangers, the New York Islanders and the Pittsburgh Penguins), his strength and conditioning knowledge is first rate and extensive.

Convinced that personal fitness was essential to his hockey career, he immersed himself in the fundamental elements of Interval Weight Training (IWT), Power Lifting and Endurance. He also practiced the unusual movement patterns of Muay Thai, Boxing and Aikido.

With MADabolic Inc., Brandon has merged his formal and informal fitness education to co-create a uniquely distinct and effective product. While his various certifications and hands-on experience are markers of his expert qualifications, his enthusiastic approach to living and spreading the MADlifestyle speaks just as loudly about his passion for fitness.

Persistence and dedication is nothing new to Brandon Cullen or his partner, Kirk DeWaele, who united in 2011 to bring MADabolic Inc. to life

Kirk Dewaele

Co Founder / COO


  • Training Standards / Implementation.
  • Franchise Operations.

As Co-Founder and COO, Kirk Dewaele brings knowledge, experience and an infectious energy to the MADabolic Inc. brand. Kirk is the first to admit that he owes his lengthy professional hockey career of 11 years to his diligent training on and off the ice. His commitment and passion coupled with his exposure to the elite NHL training systems of the New York Islanders aptly prepared him for his transition from the hockey world into the fitness world.

With certifications and expertise involving nutrition, bodyweight movement patterns and olympic weightlifting, Kirk shares his partner’s fascination with the performance capabilities of the human body. While his expansive fitness résumé brings a unique perspective to the fitness industry, it is his extreme appetite to spread the MADness and help his clients lead a healthy and balanced life that adds a special dimension to MADabolic Inc.

Kirk, and Brandon’s combined knowledge, drive and passion truly elevate the value that MADabolic Inc. provides its clients.