Fuel Your Life, Optimize Your Training


The Nutrition Blueprint


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Each blueprint will serve as a guide to get you looking, training and performing like an athlete.

Fuel Your Life, Optimize Your Training:

The Nutrition Blueprint

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Locations and Class Schedules


Program Design and Consistency

We strongly believe that the program design of MADabolic Inc. is the number one asset to you as a franchisee.  Balanced by creativity and real athletic experience, it is the very core our reputation – your reputation. Created in-house by our founders, our program is 100% proprietary and unique to our brand. Every exercise and interval has a specific purpose and is part of a preconceived template designed to continually evolve and provide lasting results. Our trademarked workouts are synchronized across all locations and provide the kind of consistency and accountability that sets us apart from our competitors.

The MADlifestyle

Brand power!  We are MAD about our look, confident in our program, and strive to deliver consistency across the board.  At MADabolic Inc. we distinguish ourselves through a unique edge in brand identity and have created a new standard in program design. We take great pride in surrounding ourselves with the right partnerships, and firmly believe in the unmatched creativity of our corporate branding partners. We work with each franchisee individually to help customize our look to match the unique character of their community.  Empowering and strong, this is our image and this is our lifestyle.  We call it, The MADlifestyle.  


Territory is very important to us, and our franchise agreement is designed to reflect this. Whereas some franchises or affiliations have strict guidelines that encourage one owner per location, we offer a different approach. Our business plan and franchise agreements were structured to promote and provide incentives for multiple locations, and ensure that territory is protected. 


Industry Low Start Up Costs

$210,450 - $415,200


6% - Royalty Fee
1% - System Advertising Fee

2019 Estimates / Costs and Fees Are Subject to Change

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