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The Nutrition Blueprint


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Fuel Your Life, Optimize Your Training:

The Nutrition Blueprint

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In efforts to make the MAD experience universally stellar for all clients, please be aware of our policies and etiquette below. We value each and every one of our clients and prioritize a positive training experience across the board. With that, we are very grateful for your understanding of and cooperation in these policies! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to your local community leader.

First Class

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your reserved class time so that you may complete and sign the necessary paperwork at the front desk. You can also expect one of our knowledgeable staff members to provide you with a guided walk through of our workout guidlines.

Locked Door Policy

Please plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to your reserved class and be sure to check yourself in at the front desk kiosk. Class begins promptly at the scheduled time and the doors will lock. No entrance will be permitted once the trainer begins, as the guidelines and demonstrations provided at the front end of class are critical to your safety. Don’t be late…be great!

Cancelation Policy

Reservations must be canceled within your respective location’s cancelation window (varies by franchise). If you fail to cancel, or do not show up for your scheduled class time, you will forfeit your session and be subject to your location’s late cancel/no show fee..

Wait List Policy

If you choose to place yourself on the wait list, you are committing to this spot. If a spot becomes available and you sit in the top position on the wait list, you will be automatically placed in that available spot and be notified via email. If you do not remove yourself from the wait list prior to the cancelation window you will be subject to the Cancelation Policies listed above.

Child Policy

Please understand that we are unable to provide the lobby as a space for unattended children. We appreciate your efforts to find an alternative care situation for your children while you train with us.

Dog Policy

While we love dogs, we kindly ask that you leave your furry friends outside of the gym!

Common Courtesy


Listen to your training staff at all times. Each day the training staff is required to create a structured game plan to provide you with the best and safest workout possible. It is imperative they command your entire focus at all points of the workout. Listen, ask questions and be respectful of their commitment to you.

Cell Phones

Please store your cell phones in the lobby and OFF the training floor when taking class to minimize distractions to your trainers and fellow MADones! If you have an emergency, we ask that you utilize the lobby area.


Please DO NOT wear dirty shoes in the gym. You should own a separate pair of shoes completely dedicated to interval training. These are different from the shoes you run in and should not be the same shoes you take to the park or trail on weekends.